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Construction is a varied industry. You need many different types of machines to complete projects to the right standard. Unfortunately, specialist plant machinery is expensive. If you wanted to own everything that you need you'd have to be very wealthy. So the majority of those in construction have to make do without having everything they need all the time. But it is possible to get what you need without breaking the bank.

Looking for local plant hire to make your construction project possible? TA Hodgson is a leading plant hire company in Penrith and surrounding Cumbria. Get in touch today for a free quote. Give us a call on 07715 028 366 to get one now.

Vehicles and machinery needed for construction are huge investments. Even though you may benefit from having your own to use at will, it's likely you won't get enough use out of it to make it worthwhile. If you were to fork out tens of thousands for a digger, it would quickly depreciate in value. It might not get used as much as you thought, and you may never end up getting a return on your investment. There are also many different options when it comes to choosing plant machinery. Given that buying it is such a large investment, making the wrong choice could be devastating.

Have no fear. At TA Hodgson we offer plant hire services so you don't have to worry about spending your life savings on a new digger. By hiring the machinery you need, you only pay for it for as long as you use it. We're experts in machine hire. So whether you need agricultural plant hire or construction plant hire, we'll advise on the best machines for your job.

Depending on your skill set we offer both operated plant hire and self drive plant hire. We'll take the hassle out of your projects, saving you time and money. We have the following plant machinery for hire:




Post knockers

Tractor Hire

Combine Harvester Hire

So don't fret if you can't afford the machinery you need, we'll help. Get in touch with TA Hodgson today to find out how our plant hire will make your life easier. Give us a call on 07715 028 366 for a faster response.

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