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Residential Fences

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What's a garden without a fence? What better way to set a space apart as your own than putting up a boundary showing exactly what's yours? Whether front or back, gardens look best with fences. As well as just looking 'right', there are many benefits that come with the installation of a garden fence.

Looking for residential fences in Penrith and surrounding Cumbria? TA Hodgson install all manner of garden and backyard fences. No matter what design or style you're after, we'll help. Fill out our contact form for a quote, or give us a call on 07715 028 366 to get one now.

Opting for a garden fence improves your home in several ways. Perhaps the most important reason for installing a fence is to provide security. A physical barrier between your property and the outside world both deters and prevents unwanted visitors. Whether these be burglars, or neighbours' dogs, a fence will keep them out. If you've spent time working on your garden, the last thing you want is for it to be dug up by someone else's dog. So it makes sense to put the proper protection in place.

Garden fences aren't just useful for keeping others' dogs out. You can also use them to keep your dog in. Backyard fences for dogs stop your beloved pet from wandering out into the street. So with a secure dog fence, you won't have to worry about your pet going missing, or harming itself or anything else. Dogs are man's best friend, and with the help of the right fence, you can better take care of your best friend.

As well as security, you also get privacy. Sometimes neighbours can be nosy, so you'll want whatever you can to stop them seeing your affairs You’ll feel safer and more comfortable knowing people can't see in. With a garden privacy fence you'll make your garden a more pleasant place to be in.

Finally, garden fences just make your garden look better. Regardless of what material your garden fence is, you can choose from a variety of styles and colours. Decorative fences give your garden individual style. By choosing one, you choose to make your home really stand out. An attractive fence will also add value to your home, so you'll make more if you ever sell.

TA Hodgson are fencers extraordinaire. We'll give you any kind of garden fencing you want including:

•    Cedar fences
•    Decking fences
•    Pool fences
•    Bamboo fences
•    Lattice fences
•    Horse fences
•    Dog fences

Want to make your garden safer and easier on the eye? Get in touch with TA Hodgson today and we'll start talking about your new garden fence. Give us a call on 07715 028 366 for a quicker response.

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